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Bachelor-Vortrag: Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation for Headphones using Virtual Sensing

Christian Prick
Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2022
09:30 Uhr
Hörsaal 4G

In recent years, active noise canceling headphones became widespread because they can attenuate low-frequency noise and therefore complement the passive dampening characteristics of headphones. In order to further improve their performance, methods to increase the attenuation at higher frequencies are of interest. As the main limiting factor for high frequency attenuation is the transfer characteristics from the error microphone to the eardrum, virtual sensing algorithms have to be used. These require a knowledge of the acoustic paths to the eardrum, which are influenced by variations of different kinds.

This thesis investigates the influences of the direction of arrival (DoA) and fit on the virtual sensing paths and proposes methods for their approximation. Furthermore, a combined method is proposed, which takes both the fit and DoA into account to approximate the virtual sensing paths at runtime. The resulting performance improvements are evaluated for both in- and over-ear headphones using dummy head measurements and acoustic simulations. The results indicate that the influence of the DoA and fit depend on the type of the headphones. The approximations thus achieve different performance improvements, with the fit generally having a larger impact. For both types of headphones, the combined method is able to improve attenuation.