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Scientific Colloquium at the end of the summer semester 2017

As every year, the institute organized the Colloquium Communications Technology on Friday of the last semester week.

Moderated by Thomas Schlien, a number of diverse presentations by IKS-members and the guest speaker Dr.-Ing. Laurent Schmalen have been offered to the participants. These presentations have been followed by numerous demonstrations of current research and student projects.

The program has been opened by Thomas Schlien with a year's retrospect. Subsequent current developments on the topic of "Adaptive Sprachwiedergabe bei Lärm" by Markus Niermann have been discussed. Dr.-Ing. Laurent Schmalen gave a lecture on "Kommunikation nahe der theoretischen Grenzen", using channel-coding for the communication via fiber optics. Thereafter two new research focuses "Stereo Upmix Using Primary-Ambient Extraction" and "Recording the Aachen Symphony Orchestra in 3D" from the field of immersive audio have been presented by Daniel Haupt and Maximilian Kentgens. Based on the given talks various real-time demonstrations have been offered. For example, 3D audio and video recordings of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra were presented in the IKS|Lab as well as some student projects.

As in previous years the evening event offered the opportunity for further discussions. A cozy gathering and the performance of the IKS-band rounded off the day.