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IKS @ Future Lab Gala

Invited by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, we contributed to the Future Lab Gala this year. The challenge was to inspire the Aachen audience for the subject of communication systems. In this, for us quite unusual format we reported in a generally understandable way about our current research topics, in particular about our cooperation project with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.

For this purpose, we have pre-recorded new 3D audio recordings of the string quartet with interactive 360 ​​° video.

With our "mobile IKS|Lab" and some signal processing tricks, the co-workers of the IKS were able to produce a virtual 3D sound experience on the stage.  Supported by two real-time demonstrations and the explanations of Prof. Peter Jax and General Music Director Justus Thorau, the audience was given an insight into our work in an entertaining way.