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RTAP Laboratory | Online

The Real-Time Audio Processing Laboratory teaches algorithms and concepts of digital real-time audio signal processing. Students work in teams on projects which they define themselves. Although the course had to be held completely online and without personal contact in this semester, the students were able to successfully implement their projects. Due to the special situation, they got to know tools and methods of distributed software development. In a final presentation via video conference, the participants presented their projects to other IKS employees and students.

One team combined the topics of audio signal processing and channel coding in an algorithm that can inaudibly hide a text message in an audio signal and extract it again later. Another team implemented a single-channel noise reduction system, the effect of which could be impressively demonstrated live in the video conference. The final presentation was a musical team with an intelligent harmonizer algorithm, which complements e.g. saxophone sounds or vocals with suitable harmonies, taking into account the key of the piece played.