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Friday 25. November 2016 03:57PM

Dr.-Ing. Moritz Beermann | Friedrich-Wilhelm Awardee 2016

Every year the best graduate of each faculty of the RWTH Aachen is awarded with the Friedrich Wilhelm Prize. This year, Dr.-Ing. Moritz Beermann was honored with the renowned  prize of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology for his outstanding dissertation:

"Flexible Low-Density Parity Check Codes: Rate, Length, and Complexity".

Since the introduction of Shannon's information theory in 1948, there has been a great deal of research activities in the area of error-correcting codes for communication over disturbed transmission channels. Low-density parity check codes (LDPC codes) are an important class of such channel codes. In contrast to many conventional techniques, this work addresses especially the increasing heterogeneity and the changing requirements of future (mobile) communication systems and a novel design process for highly flexible LDPC codes is introduced.

With this concept of the so-called multi-rate LDPC codes and multi-length LDPC codes, efficient transmission and reconstruction of data at different channel qualities, data rates and conditions with respect to the signal delay is made possible, while at the same time the complexity in comparison to current methods can be reduced.

In order to counter the rapidly growing heterogeneity and terminal devices with different computing powers and their versatile requirements for error correcting characteristics, complexity, and convergence speed, new  advanced flexible decoding algorithms and their implementation are presented.

Mr. Dr.-Ing. Moritz Beermann has now joined Synopsys, Herzogenrath.