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Bachelor-Vortrag: Virtual Relocation of a Binaural Recording Device in a Teleconference Application

Tarek Yann El Moghazi
Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2019
11:15 Uhr
Hörsaal 4G

Through binaural recording and playback techniques, intelligibility and realism can be achieved for a distant participant in a teleconference. For this, a recording device (e.g. an artificial head) is placed at the desired location in the room. When listening to the artificial head's recording, the distant participant experiences immersion and spaciousness as if he were present in the room and can naturally distinguish between speakers.

Using the above approach for multiple distant participants is complex and costly, as each of the participants requires a unique recording device at a distinct location in the conference room. With the goal of reducing cost and effort, in this thesis an attempt to virtually shift the acoustic scene to different locations in the room using a singular artificial head's recorded signals, is presented.

The relocation is implemented by a table. Its function is to translate the angles seen from the recording position into angels corresponding to the target location. Multiple algorithms for constructing the table are proposed and compared. Furthermore, the impact of distance perception is considered by modifying the output signal's primary-to-ambient ratio depending on the distance between source and recording device or participant. Results of a listening test verify the validity of the presented approach. With the aid of it the user experience in teleconferencing scenarios and beyond can be improved.