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EXIST Business Start-Up Grand for "Elevear"

Beginning December 1st 2020, the IKS project "Digital Opening the Ear" will receive an EXIST Business Start-up Grand with the name "Elevear". The EXIST Business Start-up Grand is a support program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is co-financed by the European Social Fund. The team led by Stefan Liebich, Johannes Fabry and Raphael Brandis will prepare to found a start-up.

Elevear's goal is to commercialize the technology for active suppression of the occlusion effect, which fundamentals were developed at the Institute of Communication Systems. The occlusion effect is a well-known and still present problem in the field of hearing aids. The occlusion of the auditory canal causes hearing aid users to have a muffled perception of their own voice. The start-up's Occlear technology solves this problem and enables natural voice perception while wearing hearing aids. Occlear is also to be used in other types of devices. This mainly comprises the increasingly popular hearables, headsets for augmented and virtual reality, communication headsets and headphones for in-ear monitoring.

The start-up's website can already be found at

Congratulations, Elevear!