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Founding Elevear GmbH

On February 4th 2021 the team around Stefan Liebich, Johannes Fabry, Raphael Brandis and Elfed Howells founded the Elevear GmbH.

The basic principles of their Occlear technology originate from their time at the Institute of Communication Systems at RWTH Aachen University.The use optimized filters with ultra-low latency to actively cancel the occlusion effect in hearing aids, hearables and headphones. The project received the RWTH Innovation Award in 2019 and was selected as a pilot project for the RWTH Innovation Sprint 2019/2020 for prototype development and pre founding support. Since beginning of December of 2020, Elevear receives the EXIST founders scholarhsip and at the beginning of January 2021 was accepted into the RWTH Incubation Program as one of twelve outstanding founding projects.