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IKS Start-up "Elevear" in RWTH Incubation Program

The start-up project "Elevear", funded by EXIST, has been accepted into the second batch of the RWTH Incubation Program of the RWTH Innovation GmbH. Throughout the Incubation Program, particularly promising start-ups supported by numerous workshops and a comprehensive mentoring and coaching offer.

Establishing valuable contacts to other founders as well as to angel investors and venture capital funds is also part of the program. With its Occlear technology, Elevear solves one of the most pressing problems in closed headphones and hearing aids, the occlusion effect. For users of these devices the own voice sounds as if they are talking under water. Also chewing, swallowing and even walking create unpleasant and partly extreme background noise. Occlear actively suppresses the occlusion effect and thus ensures natural voice perception.

Basic principles for this technology were developed at the Institute of Communication Systems in the course of doctoral and student theses. The technology as well as the mature business model convinced the selection committee of the RWTH Incubation Program.

Congratulations, Elevear!