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Lecture: "Glasses for the Ears"

In the winter term 2022/23, the Bürgerforum RWTHextern provides an outlook on the question to which extent technology will shape our everyday lives in the future. As part of the lecture series "Technik im Alltag 2030“, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Jax addressed this question from the perspective of the current research fields being worked on at the institute with the lecture:

„Die Brille für die Ohren – In/On-Ear-Kommunikationssysteme der Zukunft“
Glasses for the ears - In/On-Ear communication systems of the future)

More and more people are using hearables in their everyday lives, which are smart wireless microcomputers equipped with artificial intelligence and containing both speakers and microphones. The "glasses for the ears" act as a kind of personal assistant that is always worn. The fields of application are diverse and range from consumer audio to the health sector and communications. A great potential lies, e.g., in 3D telephony, which, among other things, allows intuitive differentiation of voices. Immersing oneself in a distant meeting allows one to feel a natural closeness despite spatial distance and improves the feeling of presence: communicating as if one were on site.

Such novel communication platforms are being developed in research and industry. What possibilities do such systems offer, and what acoustic and technical challenges do they pose? To what extent can the "Hörizont" be expanded in the future?

(The lecture will be given in German language.)