MATLAB meets LEGO Mindstorms

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Project of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Advisor: 1. Markus Niermann  2. Lars Thieling

Type: Mandatory laboratory in the first semester of the Bachelor course Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering

Requirements: none

Documents: All necessary documents will be provided in the L²P.

Language: German


In this project, the students will apply the theroy learned in the lecture "Mathematische Methoden der Elektrotechnik" by programming and controlling LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robots with MATLAB. More Information can be found here:

Dates for winter term 2018/19

1. Session: 11.12.2018 in the afternoon

2. Session: 12.12.2018

3. Session: 13.12.2018

4. Session: 14.12.2018 in the afternoon

5. Session: 17.12.2018

6. Session: 18.12.2018

7. Session: 19.12.2018

8. Session: 20.12.2018

9. Session: 21.12.2018