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IND and UMIC at NRW-IuK Tag

<acronym title="Ultra High-Speed Mobile Information and Communication" lang="en">UMIC</acronym> research center demonstrated recent research achievements on radio resource management and binaural audio-visual communication at the 2. Tag der Informations- und Kommunikationswirtschaft Nordrhein-Westfalen (IuK-Tag NRW), held in Wuppertal.

Organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy, Building, Housing and Transport, the IuK-Tag NRW is the high ranking annual meeting which gives impulses for future strategies for the IT business sector of NRW.

Most participants are coming from the IT business sector, politics and administration of NRW as well as representatives of international companies and research institutions. The meeting offered great posibility for professional networking and information exchange providing valuable contacts for future cooperation in research and development.

The demonstration "A Reconfigurable Adaptive OFDM Testbed for Binaural Audio-Visual Communications", developed within the UMIC cluster, was presented at the co-located exhibition where the leading IT companies from NRW showed their latest innovations. The demonstration attracted a lot of interest and triggered inspiring discussions about a possible implementation of future audio-visual communication solutions based on adaptive transmission systems.

Milan Zivkovic (TI), Matthias RĂ¼ngeler (IND)