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IND & TI present Demonstrator at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

In the context of UMIC and together with the institute TI, a demonstrator is presented which represents topics of both institutes.

The TI works on optimal resource allocation in OFDM transmission systems and the IND presents a vision of the telephony of the future.

At the UMIC-stand, a live RF transmission using GNU-Radios is presented and what  "Binaural Telephony" actually means can be experience with ones own ears!

A special emphasis is given on the scenerio of the remote participation in a meeting. Here, the qualitative difference between the currently available speech quality using mobile networks and a future binaural transmission system can be experienced! It is possible to localize different speakers in the room and still follow the conversation, even if everybody is talking at the same time.

The UMIC-stand is located in pavillon 7 at 7EM14.

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is the biggest mobile communication congress in Europe. In 2011 the MWC takes place in February 14.-17. in Barcelona and the IND is there, too!