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Orchestra Recordings with 4th Order Ambisonics

In the past, we have worked on an exciting project in cooperation with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, which resulted in extraordinary multimedia content. The goal was to take listeners virtually into the orchestra, as if they were personally within the scene.

Technically, this was realized with a 360° camera and higher-order Ambisonics (HOA) sound recording with an Eigenmike. We have shared our recordings on our YouTube channel so that everyone could enjoy the outcome, however, only at reduced spatial resolution due to the first-order-only Ambisonics support of Youtube.

Today, we are happy to announce that parts of the recordings in much better spatial resolution of the audio with 4th order Higher-Order Ambisonics are available online. Have a look at our channel on the Higher-Order Ambisonics Streaming Library "HOAST" operated by IEM Graz:


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