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Advanced Bionics
From Surgery to Sound Perception - Signal Processing in Cochlear Implants
Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019
17:00 Uhr
Hörsaal 4G

Im Rahmen der IKS‐Veranstaltungsreihe referierte Herr Dr.-Ing. Raphael Koning von Advanced Bionics über das Thema:

"From Surgery to Sound Perception - Signal Processing in Cochlear Implants"

The cochlear implant (CI) is a successful treatment for people with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. It restores the sound perception by directly stimulating the auditory nerve fibers. In CIs, different signal processing techniques are used at various stages of a CI user's hearing journey. Auditory nerve responses such as the cochlear microphonic are recorded during surgery, and electrically compound action potentials during and after surgery help with fitting. Each requires different techniques in terms of noise reduction and artifact rejection. For electrical hearing, a sound coding strategy transforms the incoming microphone signals to a series of electrical pulses to drive the intra-cochlear electrodes hence representing the frequency and energy of the audio signal. Additionally, techniques such as directional microphones exploit the spatial distribution of sound sources while other speech enhancement schemes remove as much of the interfering background noise as possible without introducing excessive speech distortion. Both approaches substantially reduce background noise, leading to improved speech perception.

Im Anschluss an das Fachprogramm hatten die Gäste die Möglichkeit, bei einem Imbiss mit dem Vortragenden zu diskutieren.