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Florian Hilgemann | Best Paper Award ITG 2023

Florian Hilgemann was awarded the Best Paper Award at the ITG Conference on Speech Communication, which took place from September 20 to 22, 2023, in Aachen.

The publication, co-authored with Christoph Weyer and Prof. Peter Jax, is titled “Design of Low-order IIR Filters Based on Hankel Nuclear Norm Regularization for Achieving Acoustic Transparency” and describes a novel algorithm for designing IIR filters for active acoustic equalization in hearables or hearing aids. The main idea is to introduce nuclear norm regularization into FIR filter design to enable a targeted penalization of approximation errors. These filters are obtained using convex optimization and are approximated well using conventional algorithms such as Prony’s method or balanced truncation (BT). This approach has shown promising results for various applications, including acoustic transparency and reduction of the occlusion effect.

In the selection process conducted by the ITG program committee, Till Hardenbicker achieved the exact same score and also received the ITG 2023 Best Paper Award."