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Master-Vortrag: Dynamic Spectrum Access in Highly Mobile Environments

Ali Yilmaz Yildirim
Freitag, 21. Januar 2021

11:00 Uhr
virtueller Konferenzraum

Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) has been introduced to enable the opportunistic utilization of licensed frequency bands by secondary users (SUs). DSA was introduced for ground-based users, and algorithms were developed by considering those users. With the increase in air data traffic, DSA has started to be considered for airborne communication. Nevertheless developed algorithms for ground-based users can not be reused for airborne communication. The main reason for that is the high mobility of aerial vehicles. Therefore, current DSA algorithms should be examined and adapted for highly mobile environments.

With this need, this thesis aims to develop algorithms for DSA in highly mobile environments by focusing on the aspects of DSA that require to be adapted. As a result of SUs being considered as temporary users, SUs should vacate the channel with the transmission of the primary users (PUs) and find a new common idle channel to continue their communication. With the highly varying spectral environment as a result of high mobility, communication between SUs will be interrupted with PU transmission more frequently compared to stationary environments. That is why SUs should detect PU transmission and react by finding a new common idle channel in the shortest time. By considering the need for an adaptation in this aspect of DSA, this thesis proposes algorithms and a frame structure to identify the PU presence and to find a new common channel in highly mobile environments.