Bachelor Theses

For general information regarding student theses or advice on the selection of a thesis topic, please contact Maximilian Kentgens or Tobias Kabzinski.

In the following, some open or ongoing work will be listed. In addition, there are always other possible workflows, which can be requested by the two above-mentioned contact persons. Just come by.

Open Theses

Characterization of Earbud-Mounted Accelerometers as Sensors for Speech Enhancement

Supervisors: Christoph Weyer

Area of work: Speech Enhancement, Headphone Technology, Acoustics

Tools: Matlab / Python, Acoustic Measurements, Hardware, Statistical Signal Analysis

Investigations on Loudspeaker-based Adaptive Binaural Reproduction

Betreuer:Tobias Kabzinski

Themengebiet: signal processing, system identification, modeling, machine learning

Machine Learning zur Rekonstruktion verlorener Sprachsignalanteile

Betreuer: Lars Thieling

Themengebiet: Sprachsignalverarbeitung, Machine Learning

Novel User Interfaces for Hearables

Supervisor:Christoph Weyer, Stefan Liebich

Area: User Interface Design, Machine Learning

Tools: Matlab, Python, Estimation Theory, Machine Learning

Theses in progress

Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation for Headphones using Virtual Sensing

Betreuer:  Jonas Förster

Themengebiet: Signalverarbeitung, Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive Filterung

Sound Source Localization Using Binaural Signals

Betreuer:Sebastian Nagel

Themengebiet: Signalverarbeitung, binaurale Signale

Speech Synthesis From Degraded Magnitude Spectra Using Machine Learning Techniques

Betreuer:Lars Thieling, Till Hardenbicker

Themengebiet: Sprachsignalverarbeitung, Machine Learning, Sprachsynthese