Master Theses

Are you a motivated master student and would like to contribute to our research with your master's thesis? On this page, you find some possible topics. The individual tasks are always tailored to your interests and skills.

In addition to the topics listed, there are always others, which we will be happy to discuss with you in person. Please get in touch with Erik Fleischhauer if you are looking for a master thesis. We look forward to meeting you!

Open Theses

Analysis of Suction Perception with ANC Headphones

Supervisors: Stefan Liebich, Johannes Fabry, Christiane Antweiler

Area of work: Audio Signal Processing, Psycho Acoustics, Active Noise Cancellation

Characterization of Earbud Vibrations for Signal Processing Applications

Supervisors: Christoph Weyer

Area of work: Signal Processing, Headphone Technology, Acoustics

Machine Learning zur Rekonstruktion verlorener Sprachsignalanteile

Betreuer: Lars Thieling

Themengebiet: Sprachsignalverarbeitung, Machine Learning

Signal Processing for Spatial Audio

Supervisor: Erik Fleischhauer

Area of work: Spatial Audio, Statistical Signal Processing, Machine Learning