Real-Time Audio Processing

Matlab and the GNU Debugger: A Powerful Duo for Implementing DSP Algorithms


  • Software debugging tools: tailored to needs of programmers and software developers
  • Poor support for DSP algorithm analysis and implementation
  • Makeshift solution: manual code instrumentation and external post-processing

Proposal: Extension of software debuggers with algorithm analysis capabilities (as provided, e.g., by Matlab)

Motivation: DSP Algorithm Development

Debugging Concept

  • Non-intrusive algorithm analysis and data access
  • Data transfer and mapping of data structures
  • Data sampling for statistical analyses
  • Conditional breakpoints based on derived parameters
  • Full Matlab functionality in debugger: data analysis, visualization, ...

GNU Debugger with Matlab

  • Different interpreter backends, e.g., Matlab and GNU Octave
  • New GDB commands, e.g., mbreak, mshell, mcmd, ...
  • Data from debug target can be requested by the interpreter using special syntax, e.g., plot(gdb::x@2048)
  • Additional tool: Automatic generation of GDB scripts from inline debug statements

Eclipse with Matlab

  • Communication with Matlab via dedicated control process
  • Integrated Matlab console for direct Matlab interaction
  • Extended breakpoint capabilities:
    • data transfer from debug target to Matlab
    • hooks for m-scripts (init, sample, finalize)
    • breakpoint condition in Matlab syntax

Example Use Cases

  1. OFDM Transmission
    • Evaluation and visualization of channel statistics, peak to average power ratio (PAPR), and signal space constellation
    • Break if PAPR limit is exceeded
  2. Audio / Speech Coding
    • e.g., Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec [ETSI GSM 06.90]
    • Evaluation of spectral envelope quantization
    • Computation of log-spectral distortion
    • Histogram collection
    • Break if log spectral distortion exceeds 5 dB, i.e., lsd(A, Aq) > 5

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Bernd Geiser, Stefan Kraemer, Jan Weinstock, Rainer Leupers, and Peter Vary
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