The one term lecture "Kommunikationstechnik" covers the theory and practice of digital transmission of information. Besides the necessary basics in the fields of information theory and coding, application like speech- and data-transmission will be discussed.
Advanced Coding and Modulation
The one term lecture "Advanced Coding and Modulation" covers advanced methods of channel coding and modulation, e.g. Reed-Solomon Codes, Turbo Codes, LDPC Codes and OFDM. Examples of modern communication systems using these methods will be presented.
Machine Learning for Speech and Audio Processing
In this one term lecture the fundamental methods of machine learning with applications to problems in speech and audio signal processing are presented.
Audio Signal Enhancement
The lecture "Audio Signal Enhancement" deals with concepts of audio and speech enhancement such as noise reduction, echo compensation and bandwidth extension.
Digital Speech Transmission
The lecture "Digital Speech Transmission" deals with basic techniques and current research in the field of speech processing and transmission, for example speech coding.
Modern Channel Coding for Wireless Communications
The lecture on "Modern Channel Coding for Wireless Communications" addresses the latest Forward Error Correction (FEC) techniques for present and next generations of wireless communications.
Former Lectures
Lectures held in previous semesters.