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Project Hardware/Software (B.Sc. Computer Engineering)
This project is divided into an introductory phase and project phase. It is supervised by five institutes of RWTH Aachen. In the introductory phase, the students learn basics of microcontroller programming. During the project phase the participants can use these skills to realize a specific project, which is given and supervised by the corresponding institute.
MATLAB Laboratory
The lab “MATLAB Advanced – Digital Signal Processing” offers during ten experiments a profound insight into MATLAB programming techniques. The acquired techniques will be used to solve problems in the area of digital signal processing.
Audio Processing Using Python Laboratory
The lab “Audio Processing Using Python” enables rapid and comprehensive development of prototypes for signal processing and machine learning. The lab is organized as a sequence of several prepared experiments and programming tasks.
Real-Time Audio Processing
In this lab, teams of 2 students realize a real-time audio project. The selection of the topic is up to the participants, the lab is organized as independent project work.
Communications Engineering Laboratory
The Communications Engineering Laboratory comprises 10 experiments. It is jointly held by the 9 institutes of RWTH Aachen University.
MATLAB meets LEGO Mindstorms
In the project "MATLAB meets LEGO Mindstorms", the students apply knowledge acquired in lectures by programming robots with MATLAB.
We continuously offer students open or clearly defined projects that can be worked on individually or as a team.