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Recording with the WDR

IKS and WDR recorded the works of Mendelssohn, Lindberg, and Sibelius interpreted by the Aachen Symphony Orchestra with the 3D recording unit Eigenmike and a classical multi-microphone setup. The WDR installed a typical orchestral recording setup consisting of a main microphone system in combination with spot microphones for each instrument group and solo instrument.

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Filming at IKS

In the course of our cooperation with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra and the completed installation of the IKS|Labs a series of videos with binaural sound emerged. This also includes, e.g., interactive 360 ° videos from complete symphonies, which are about to be released. In order to gain an insight into this work, Mr. Dreher from the RWTH Press Center is currently creating a short film about these activites.

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Open House for Freshman Students

Nearly 20 first-year students have taken the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of our institute right from the start of their studies. After a brief introduction by Prof. Jax, the program presented a variety of demonstrations in the area of digital speech and audio processing as well as communication systems.

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Welcoming the new batch of the Master Communications Engineering

The new batch of the major "Communications Engineering" was welcomed during the "welcome week" by Prof. Jax, Johannes Fabry and Stefan Liebich.

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Justus Thorau and Melanie Plank visiting our IKS|Lab

Justus Thorau, the musical director of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra, and Melanie Plank, orchestra director, visited our institute to listen to the latest recordings of Gustav Mahler's 2nd Symphony at the IKS|Lab.

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Arnd Sartor visiting the IKS

In the course of the upcoming release of our 3D recordings, we invited Arnd Sartor, oboeist and English hornist of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.

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Challenge in Recording the Resurrection Symphony

On request of the music director Justus Thorau we recorded the 1. Symphony concert of the season 2017/2018 with our 360 ° camera and the Eigenmike® in the Higher Order Ambisonics format of order 4. 

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Conferences: ICSV and EUSIPCO 2017

In the summer, we attended two european conferences. Stefan Liebich travelled to the International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV, July 23rd - 27th) in London and participated, together with Johannes Fabry, at the European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO, August 28th - September 2nd ) on Kos in Greece.

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Visit of Prof. Hanseok Ko

It was our pleasure to welcome Prof. Hanseok Ko from the Korea University in Seoul in our Institute. Previously, he reported on "Overview of Deep Learning Based on acoustic signal processing research activities at Korea University" during his visit of the Institute of Technical Acoustics.

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Scientific Colloquium at the end of the summer semester 2017

As every year, the institute organized the Colloquium Communications Technology on Friday of the last semester week.

Moderated by Thomas Schlien, a number of diverse presentations by IKS-members and the guest speaker Dr.-Ing. Laurent Schmalen have been offered to the participants. These presentations have been followed by numerous demonstrations of current research and student projects.

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