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Visit of Prof. Hanseok Ko

It was our pleasure to welcome Prof. Hanseok Ko from the Korea University in Seoul in our Institute. Previously, he reported on "Overview of Deep Learning Based on acoustic signal processing research activities at Korea University" during his visit of the Institute of Technical Acoustics.

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Scientific Colloquium at the end of the summer semester 2017

As every year, the institute organized the Colloquium Communications Technology on Friday of the last semester week.

Moderated by Thomas Schlien, a number of diverse presentations by IKS-members and the guest speaker Dr.-Ing. Laurent Schmalen have been offered to the participants. These presentations have been followed by numerous demonstrations of current research and student projects.

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Best Master Thesis Award 2017 for Tobias Hübschen

This year, a graduate received the Best Master Thesis Award 2017 during the Colloquium Communications Technology. Tobias Hübschen was awarded for his outstanding master thesis "Decorrelation Techniques for Kalman Filter based Echo Control".

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Science Journalist Dipl.-Ing. Jean Pütz at the IKS

Together with the physics student and tour guide from RWTHextern at the RWTH Aachen Felix Engelhardt and the science journalist Dipl.-Ing. Jean Pütz took an information tour on the RWTH campus. Among other things, he visited our Institute. We reported on current research activities in the field of speech and audio signal processing. Mr. Pütz particularly liked the fact that many results were demonstrated in terms of prototypes. The research associates of the Institute were pleasantly surprised about the special interest and the many questions of the visitors.

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Creative Film Editing with Justus Thorau

After finishing the recordings with four artificial heads and the corresponding GoPro HERO4 cameras in June, one of the next workpackages was to identify sound passages for demonstration purposes and to cut and edit the different audio and video tracks. Our research assistants Maximilian Kentgens and Stefan Kühl were professionally supported by Justus Thorau, the conductor from the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.

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Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 9 in 3D

In early July we had the opportunity to record Gustav Mahler's 9th Symphony in the Eurogress. The bright, uniform illumination of the performance area and the proper positioning of the recording unit have led to particularly good results in this extraordinary performance. This recording profited definitely from all our experience gained out of previous measurement campaigns in the orchestra.

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Compact Course of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Vay for Development Engineers

From June 29th to 30th 2017 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Vary presented a compact course for development engineers in the area of signal processing and communication technology at Rohde & Schwarz in Munich. The course comprises the theoretical basics of digital modulation and spreading.

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Excursion to the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Dr.-Ing. Habil. Gerald Enzner invited Prof. Jax and some scientific staff to a scientific exchange at the Institut für Kommunikationsakustik of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

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Visit of the Stadttheater and the Music Directorate of Aachen

During the last six months the IKS performed various sound recordings in the "middle of" the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.

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Strategic seminar in Monschau

The scientific staff of the IKS held a two-day strategic seminar in the Eifel region to discuss the future orientation and development of the Institute. In addition to new research topics, e.g., in the field of "Spatial Audio Recording and Reproduction", new topics for the lectures were discussed.

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