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Visit of the Stadttheater and the Music Directorate of Aachen

26. June 2017

During the last six months the IKS performed various sound recordings in the "middle of" the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.

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Strategic seminar in Monschau

23. June 2017

The scientific staff of the IKS held a two-day strategic seminar in the Eifel region to discuss the future orientation and development of the Institute. In addition to new research topics, e.g., in the field of "Spatial Audio Recording and Reproduction", new topics for the lectures were discussed.

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Block Seminar "The engineer as manager"

10. June 2017

In this summer term Dr.-Joachim Schläper again successfully completed his block seminar "Der Ingenieur als Manager", which is highly attractive for the students. Within a week, students of IK and TI learn about methods and procedures for self-analysis and self-management. This also prepares them for future management tasks in projects, teams and corporate hierarchies.

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Seminar "Selected Topics in Communications Engineering" in Rurberg

7. June 2017

This year’s topic of the seminar "Machine Learning for Audiovisual Processing" provided a focus on a current field of research in the area of digital signal processing. In the seminar, which was organized by IENT and IKS, the students introduced the state-of-the-art in this field with technical presentations to each other.

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With Four Artificial Heads in the Midst of the Orchestr

1. June 2017

On June we performed an especially elaborative recording during the rehearsal of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.

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3D Recording at Aachen Cathedral

5. May 2017

On May, 5th 2017 we got the opportunity to join the Aachen Symphony Orchestra performing "Ein deutsches Requiem" by Johannes Brahms in Aachen Cathedral and to perform 3D audio and interactive 360° video recordings.

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Generalmusikdirektor Kazem Abdullah and the WDR Television at IKS

3. May 2017

On May, 3rd 2017 first results of our measurement campaign at the Aachen Symphony Orchestra could be presented to Generalmusikdirektor Kazem Abdullah.

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Recording the Aachen Symphony Orchestra in 3D

21. April 2017

April 20th/21st 2017 marked the start for a special cooperation with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.

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Conferences: HSCMA and ICASSP 2017

10. March 2017

In spring we attended two conferences in the United States. Prof. Jax and three of his research assistants presented their latest research results on the HSCMA in San Francisco and the ICASSP in New Orleans.

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Workshop „Adaptive Filter Theory“ with Dr. habil. G. Enzner and Dr. F. Yang

17. February 2017

On February 17, the institute organized a workshop on "Adaptive Filter Theory".

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