DAGA 2024 - Best Poster Award for Erik Fleischhauer and Peter Jax

The 50th Annual Conference on Acoustics - DAGA 2024 -took place this year from March 18th to 21st in Hannover. It is organized and chaired by the institutes and facilities of Leibniz University Hannover. The IKS was represented by Prof. Peter Jax and Erik Fleischhauer.

Erik Fleischhauer presented his contribution on the topic "On the Use of Dereverberation Algorithms in Binaural Cue Adaptation" and has been awarded the DAGA Best Poster Award for this.

Binaural cue adaptation (BCA) is a signal processing technique for modifying the position of sound sources in a binaural audio signal. In combination with a head-tracking system, it can be used to compensate for the listener's head movements and thus enable a more immersive playback of binaural recordings. This contribution extends the underlying signal model for reverberant environments, allowing for the incorporation of temporally correlated reverberation components. Based on this signal model, a novel BCA algorithm is introduced.

The entire IKS team congratulates on this special award.