Sebastian Nagel - Otto Junker Awardee 2017

With three other RWTH graduates, Sebastian Nagel received the Otto Junker Award for outstanding academic performance in his studies.

The Otto Junker Award is conferred annually to students in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and in the Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering. The Otto Junker foundation was established in 1970 by Dr.-Ing. E.h. Otto Junker, the founder of the company of the same name in Lammersdorf. As an alumnus of RWTH Aachen, he felt closely related to the university and valued scientific exchange. The central purpose of the foundation is to support talented researchers and numerous individual projects.

Sebastian Nagel studied Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. After his bachelor studies, he enrolled for Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering as well as in Economics, both at RWTH. In May 2014, he completed the Master's degree in Economics with a thesis titled "Perceived Assortment Variety: Influencing Factors and Impact on Consumer Behavior". In November 2015, he completed  the degree in Electrical Engineering with a thesis on "Dereverberation for Increased Robustness of Automatic Speech Recognizers" at the Institute of Communication Systems. Since May 2016, he has been working at IKS as a research assistant, where he is concerned with systems for immersive binaural communication.

Photo: Andreas Schmitter