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Bachelor-Presentation: Evaluation of Dereverberation Methods in the Context of Spatial Modification of Binaural Signals

Abisman Balachanthiran
Thursday, 26th October 2023
11:00 AM
IKS 4G | hybrid

A new binaural signal modification system is proposed based on the Binaural Cue Adapta- tion (BCA ) algorithm and it is evaluated with existing BCA algorithms. The BCA algorithm dynamically adjusts binaural signals according to the listener’s head movements using a head tracker. This is done by splitting the signal into two components.

The system under evaluation proposed in this thesis considers the reverberation as temporally correlated with the source signal, in contrast to the baseline BCA system. With the implemen- tation of the Weighted Prediction Error ( WPE ) dereverberation algorithm, the BCA system has a component that explicitly removes reverberation. In addition, an online implementation of the BCA system is presented for evaluation purposes.

The three systems presented in this thesis - the baseline BCA system, the proposed offline BCA system and the online BCA system - were evaluated using a MUSHRA listening test. Based on questions about basic audio quality, source direction and reverberation perception, 15 participants evaluated the three systems for 4 different scenarios. A statistically significant difference between the evaluated systems could not be found in terms of source localisation quality. Statistically significant differences were found in the ratings of basic audio quality and the perception of reverberation, with the system using an online implementation of WPE performing best.