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Bachelor-Vortrag: Sound Source Localization Using Binaural Signals

Pataaratorn Santivarakom
Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2022
11:15 Uhr
virtueller Konferenzraum

Binaural signals are similar to the sounds that humans hear with their left and right ears when the signal is recorded with a suitable device. As the human auditory system is able to localize sound sources, the directions of sound sources can also be found in binaural signals.

This thesis addresses the performance of sound source localization algorithms using binaural signals. The algorithms regarded in this thesis are based on the concept of beamforming. Several algorithms from the literature are systematically compared and their basic building blocks are recombined. From this, a total of 26 variants are identified. The performance of an algorithm is determined by comparing the accuracy of the estimated source source’s directions with other algorithms. Furthermore, error metrics are suggested that take into account the varying signal powers in different time-frequency bins. According to the results, there are two algorithms that always estimate the same source source’s directions and they also provide the most accurate source source’s directions in most situations.