Hearables & Headphones
Recording the Aachen Symphony Orchestra in 3D
For the new IKS|Lab we captured our first 360° videos with spatial sound. We got the great opportunity to join the Aachen Symphony Orchestra during different rehearsals and concerts to record professional orchestral music.
Mobile Phones
This page briefly explains the signal processing components of a typical mobile phone.
Professional Audio
Professional audio makes high demands on its technical base. A lot of signal processing is involved which is covered by the research at the Institute of Communication Systems.
Public Address (Systems)
At public address systems the intelligibility of speech announcements can be enhanced by taking the background noise into account.
Development of a new conferencing system with a multimodal signal processing concept for high‐quality video conferencing
Medical Applications
Within the framework of an interdisciplinary cooperation a new real‐time acoustic measurement prototype for medical diagnostics was developed allowing for a virtual acoustic endoscopy of the Eustachian tube.
The program called VuvuzeLAUTLOS implements an adaptive comb filter according to the LTP principle (long term prediction) in order to suppress the disturbing Vuvuzela noise during soccer matches.
Audio for Virtual Reality (&CTC)
Binaural Audio Teleconferencing
The future will see an increasing demand for hybrid meetings, in which some participants meet physically in a room and further participants join remotely. Binaural audio teleconferencing aims to improve the remote participants' experience by providing them with more natural audio signals.