Marco Jeub - Best Paper Award ICASSP 2012

The authors from the IND Institute of RWTH Aachen University (Marco Jeub, Christian Herglotz, Christoph Nelke and Peter Vary) and from  Intel Mobile Communications (Christophe Beaugeant)  received the NEC best paper award of the IEEE  International Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), held in Kyoto, Japan, March 25-30, 2012.

The paper entitled “Noise Reduction for Dual-Microphone Mobile Phones Exploiting Power Level Differences” is part of joint research with Intel Mobile Communications, USA.

The paper describes a new noise reduction algorithm for dual-microphone mobile phones. An analysis of the acoustical environment based on recordings with a dual-microphone mock-up phone mounted on a dummy head is given. Motivated by the evaluation of these recordings, a dual-microphone noise reduction algorithm is proposed. The key components are a noise PSD estimator and an improved spectral weighting rule which both explicitly exploit the power level differences of the desired speech signal between the microphones. Experiments with recorded data show that this low complexity system has very good performance and is beneficial for integration into future mobile communication devices.