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Bachelor-Vortrag: Time-Varying Simulation of Adaptive Crosstalk Cancellation Systems based on Acoustic Measurements

Zach Lee
Montag, 28. September 2020
11:00 Uhr
virtueller Konferenzraum

In order to reproduce binaural audio via loudspeakers, a crosstalk cancellation (CTC) system is necessary to attenuate the crosstalk. The task is becoming more challenging when the listener is allowed to move, as the CTC system is often robust in a small and limited area. A recent innovative idea known as the adaptive crosstalk cancellation (ACTC) system is proposed. The CTC filter in this system is updated real-time by placing microphones close to the entrance of the ear canal to measure the signals perceived by the listener and estimate the corresponding head-related impulse response (HRIR).

The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the ACTC system by performing an acoustic measurement in an anechoic chamber to obtain the real and accurate HRIR of the test listener. With this knowledge, the performance of the ACTC system can be evaluated in a simulation. Furthermore, the limit of the ACTC system can be tested, in terms of how fast it can adapt to changes.

The results show that the ACTC system has a fairly good performance when the listener’s ears are on the ipsilateral side of the loudspeakers and the performance falls drastically on the contralateral side. In lower frequencies, the ACTC system works quite well up to a movement (head rotation) speed of 20 deg/s.


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