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Two New IKS|Labs in Summer Term 2021

In the summer term 2021, two newly designed laboratories will start at the institute.

With the lab "Audio Processing Using Python" the institute offers for the first time a lab based on the programming language Python. The availability of powerful libraries and the free open source license are among Python's greatest strengths. Furthermore, Python allows for a fast and easy design of prototypes including digital signal processing and machine learning techniques. In this module, students get programming skills in Python and various machine learning methods. The lab is organized as a sequence of several experiments and programming tasks in the area of audio signal processing.

With funds from the program "Digital Teaching in the Curriculum", the technical basis of the lab "Real-Time Audio Processing" was fundamentally revised. It is of special interest, that this lab comprises all phases of a complete product development cycle - starting from the first ideas and a MATLAB prototype up to a C++ implemented real-time demo with audio I/O. The basis for the implementation is the MATLAB simulation platform and now the freely available real-time platform JUCE, which can be used to implement the algorithms in C/C++. The project definition is left to the teams of two participants; the practical course is carried out in the form of free project work.