Multi-Channel Impulse Response Database

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The impulse responses are measured in a room with configurable reverberation level resulting in three different acoustic scenarios with reverberation times RT60 equals to 160 ms, 360 ms and 610 ms. The measurements were carried out in recording sessions of several source positions on a spatial grid (angle range of 90° to 90° in 15° steps with 1 m and 2 m distance from the microphone array). The signals in all sessions were captured by three microphone array configurations. The database is accompanied with software utilities to easily access and manipulate the data.

Provided Software

All Impulse Responses of the database are stored as double-precision binary floating-point MAT-files which can be imported directly to MATLAB.  Since the number of Impulse Responses is huge, a MATLAB signal processing utility package (SP) was created which allows a simple handling of the database. The package consists of a signal class (SP.signal) and tools which easily allows to handle multichannel signals and to create spatial acoustic scenarios with several sources by convolution and superposition.

Version History

  • V1 - First official release (September 2014)
  • V2 - SP MATLAB Package updated (MATLAB 2015b compatibility)