AMBC Demo Code

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A standalone demonstration of Analog Modulo Block Codes (AMBC) is provided here as Matlab source code.

The source code comprises the following elements:

  • Encoding
  • Decoding
  • AWGN transmission

The decoder uses the Zero-Forcing decoding with Lattice Reduction (ZFLR) from [schmitz15]. For the Lattice Reduction, the implementation of the LLL algorithm from [wübben11] is used. It can be downloaded from their website. Note that this decoder is the fastest decoder, but does not yield the highest Signal-to-Distortion Ratio (SDR)!


A basic implementation of encoding, AWGN transmission and decoding as in [schmitz15] can be downloaded here.




Tim Schmitz, Matthias Rüngeler, and Peter Vary
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Proceedings of International ITG Conference on Systems, Communications and Coding (SCC), February 2015

D. Wübben, D. Seethaler, J. Jaldén, and G. Matz
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