Rate Distortion Upper Bound Calculation Tool

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For many purposes, a bound or an approximation of the rate distortion function for common or arbitrary sources is needed.
On this website, we provide Matlab code to calculate a new rate distortion upper bound which has been presented at the 2012 International Zurich Seminar on Communications (see below for paper).
The code generates the figures in the paper and can further be used to calculate the new upper bound for some common and arbitrary source distributions whose pdf can be defined by a vector. The well-known Blahut-Arimoto algorithm is also implemented.

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Matlab Code Version 1.0 (Feb 2012) 

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Meik Dörpinghaus, Matthias Rüngeler, and Rudolf Mathar
Upper-Bounding Rate Distortion Functions based on the Minimum Mean-Square Error
International Zurich Seminar on Communications, February 2012