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forum | IKS: Vortrag von Dr. Arthur P. Berkhoff (A.P.)

TNO Acoustics and Sonar/University of Twente
Active Noise Control Algorithms in Time‐Varying Environments
Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017
15:00 Uhr
Hörsaal 4G


Dr. Arthur P. Berkhoff (A.P.) from TNO Acoustics and Sonar and University of Twente contributes to our IKSevent series with a lecture entitled:

"Active Noise Control Algorithms in Time‐Varying Environments"

This presentation discusses the behavior of active noise control algorithms in systems and environmentswhich are time‐varying. The applications range from traffic noise environments with rapidly changinggeometries to slowly varying environments such as ventilation systems. Techniques are shown to realizeadaptive MIMO controllers based on a stable preconditioning scheme. An efficient implementation of aMIMO Kalman active control scheme is presented, and its numerical behavior is discussed. Results areshown of a numerically stable mixed‐window fast array algorithm and an extended version withsimultaneous adaptive control and on‐line secondary path estimation.

After the lecture, the guests have the opportunity to join an open discussion during a snack.